What is Temu.com? Is Temu.com a trustworthy online shopping website?

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In this article we are providing a little review about Temu.com online shopping website, This website is selling different types of products like, appliances, Musical Instruments, Toys ETC.  There are few basic points which sholud be noted before shopping from https://www.temu.com. 

About temu.com website:

temu.com Review

  • This website is registered on 23-04-2003, 19 years old domain. Domain age is very good.
  • They are not hiding themselves into whois info, means their Owner and company info is given on whois.
  • They also providing their mails and contact info, but this is real or fake it should be verified, please mail them and try to call them before shop.
  • On the website (https://www.temu.com) homepage, they are offering free shipping special offers, did not mentioned where and which country they are shipping, but this website did not offered free worldwide shipping like other scam websites.
  • Offering too many high discounts which is little suspicious, it may be a lure for increasing traffic on their website.
  • Customer rating also suspicious, this may be paid because all reviews are positive and high ratings.
  • Very short and uncompleted products descriptions, quantity limits for buying a product is 99.
  • They are available in social media and they have a android & ios app on the play store or apple store.
  • A good and managed about us page.
  • Contact us page is available, also given mails, phone, address and help support on this page.
  • Promising Return and Refund Policy.
  • Offering special student discounts.
  • Payment method: PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards, Etc. (COD not available).

Is Temu.com Safe?

According to us, this is a safe website, few points are little suspicious but the rating is overall good, but it does not means it’s 100% safe, please read more reviews and more research before go ahead.

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