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Whether you are saving for a trip or have an urgent medical need, you may require a personal loan at any time. A little assistance, like a personal loan, can be helpful to manage your erratic spending. You can have a look at the Early Salary Loan if you’re also willing to apply for an instant loan. This loan is offered with a tempting interest rate and will have a brief term. On the other hand, this short-term loan can assist you meet your financial needs. You can apply for an instant loan through the Early Salary App, and the loan’s paperwork process will be entirely digital.

Benefits and Features of the Early Salary App

  • The interest rates on the Early Salary App loans are competitive.
  • From application to disbursal, the entire process is entirely digital.
  • The ability to choose a loan term between three and twenty-four months.
  • Prepayment and foreclosure fees are not present.
  • Utilize the Early Salary app to receive an immediate loan in just 8 minutes.

Types of Early Salary Loans

The following are some uses for the loan that you can obtain using the Early Salary App.

  • AC
  • Laptop
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics
  • Renovation of the marriage home
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Medical two-wheel washing machine
  • A portable smart TV,
  • Education

Personal Loan Eligibility Based on Early Salary

Make sure you are eligible for the loan before applying for an early salary loan. The requirements for eligibility that must be met before you may apply for a loan are listed below.

  • You must be minimum 21 years old.
  • The applicant’s age cannot exceed 55 at any point in time.
  • You would require a minimum monthly wage of INR 18000 if you live in a metropolis.
  • People who reside in non-metropolitan areas are required to make at least INR 15000 per month.
  • The candidate must be an Indian person.
  • You must provide all the paperwork proving your eligibility.

Documents Needed for an Instant Loan for Early Salary

The following documents must be submitted in order to support the eligibility requirements:-

  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof: Driving License, Passport, Aadhaar Card, Telephone Bill, or Electricity Bill
  • ID Proof: PAN, , Aadhaar, or Driving License
  • 3-Month Salary Slip in PDF

You must upload all required papers to the Early Salary App, where the entire documentation process will be conducted digitally.

Request An Early Salary Loan

To apply for an Instant Personal Loan from Early Salary, simply follow the easy steps listed below.

  • Visit the official website or download the Early Salary App from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Register on Early Salary by filling out the necessary information.
  • Verify your eligibility before uploading the appropriate documents.
  • You will be required to select the loan amount following the document verification.
  • Next, pick a tenure and enter your bank information.
  • Your bank account will receive the approved loan once it has been approved.

Login to Early Salary

Using your ID and password from the Early Salary website or app will be all that is required to log in to Early Salary. If you ever forget your password, you can make a successful Early Salary login by using your mobile number and OTP to retrieve it.

Early Salary Contact Information

You can call Early Salary’s customer service line at any time at 02067639797. The borrower or applicant may utilise this number to report any concerns or questions they may have.

Early Repayment of Salary App Loan

The loan from Early Salary can be repaid in manageable EMIs. Your bank account will be automatically debited for the EMI each month. Make sure you keep the required balance to qualify for the EMI reduction. On the other hand, you can also pay back the loan in cash or by check at the appropriate branch.

  • How can I get my paycheck earlier?

Through the early salary loan, you can take your salary early. You can borrow the money from an early income and repay it within 3 months using the actual salary you receive from your employer because, as you are aware, the minimum repayment period is 3 months.

  • How does the Early Salary application operate?

Individuals can borrow short-term loans through Early Salary App, who will charge interest on the loan amount. Profits are made from the loan’s interest payments. Since you may instantly borrow loans using the Early Salary app, the lending process is digital. The Early Salary App operates in the same manner and may be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store.

  • What does Early Salary mean by smart repay?

Only loyal customers of Early Salary receive the Smart Repay feature. If you use an EarlySalary credit card, you won’t be required to make the minimum payment. You can refinance the credit card balance to avoid paying interest on the outstanding balance. Credit card interest rates are typically higher than loan interest rates.

  • What is the customer service number for Early Salary?

You can contact Early Salary customer service at 02067639797 with any questions you may have about the Early Salary App or Loan.

  • What is the early salary personal loan’s minimal amount?

An Early Salary Personal Loan has a 5,000 INR minimum.

  • How much can I borrow with an Early Salary personal loan?

An Early Salary Personal Loan may be taken out for a maximum of INR 5,000,000.

  • How Should I Pay My Early Salary Personal Loan EMIs?

The Early Salary Loan EMI can be automatically debited from your bank account each month if you choose to do so. The amount that must be withdrawn as EMI each month must be at least partially repaid, though.

  • What is the interest rate on early salary personal loans?

The early salary’s personal loan interest rate is 18% annually.

  • What is the early salary loan interest rate?

An early salary loan has a monthly interest rate of 1.5 percent.

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