What is Money View Loan App? How to use Money View Loan App?

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One of the most practical solutions for customers seeking immediate personal loans is Money View Instant Short Term Loans. Within 24 hours of applying, customers can receive simple, hassle-free loans. The highest loan amount is Rs. 5,00,000, and the monthly interest rate is as low as 1.33%. These fast loans have a maximum term of 5 years and processing fees that are at least 2% of the loan amount. Instantly within 2 minutes, check your eligibility for a Money View Instant Short-Term Loan.

One of the simplest loan alternatives on the market for consumers are personal loans. The loan’s objective might be rather varied. In contrast to corporate loans, mortgage loans, etc., personal loans’ eligibility requirements and documentation requirements are less strict. Customers can choose from a wide range of short-term financing solutions from banks, non-banking financial institutions, or microfinance organizations.

One of the well-known NBFCs where customers can quickly obtain a personal loan is Money View. Under Money View, the loan disbursal might happen as soon as 24 hours after the application.


For Money View Instant Short Term Loan, the complete application and disbursal process is done online. Customers can apply for a loan from Money View in 4 easy steps, and within 24 hours of doing so, they will receive an instant disbursement of the requested funds. The steps that candidates must take in order to apply for a Money View immediate short-term loan are listed below.

  • Checking your eligibility for one of Money View’s fast loans is the first step. Customers can quickly determine their eligibility by clicking the corresponding link on the Money View website. The identical procedure can be completed instantly, and eligibility can be established in under two minutes.
  • The amount to be applied for a loan is chosen in the following stage. Applicants may request any amount between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5,00,000 according to their requirements.
  • The consumers must next complete the application form and upload the necessary paperwork.
  • Once the application and supporting documents have been properly confirmed, the loan amount will be paid to the applicant’s designated account number within 24 hours.


In order to provide you with a hassle-free lending experience, Money View only requires the minimal documentation. When applying for a personal loan from Money View, the following paperwork is needed:

  • Regarding Paid
  • PAN Cards serve as the primary form of identification. But in the event that it is disregarded due to problems with the image quality or for another reason, any of the documents listed below will do:
  • Voter ID card, passport, and Aadhaar card
  • Driving Permit
  • Address validation
  • Driver’s License, Passport, and Aadhaar Card
  • Utility bills from the last 60 days (water, gas, and electricity).
  • Income evidence
  • For candidates who are salaried, the applicant’s salary account’s most recent three months of bank statements (in PDF format) demonstrating salary credits
  • Last three months of bank statements for applicants who are self-employed (in PDF format)


Simple and as follows are the requirements for being eligible for a personal loan from Money View:

  • Both salaried and independent contractors are eligible.
  • Age range: 21 to 57
  • Minimum monthly income received:
  • Salary: NCR 13,500 for other locations, NCR 15,000 for metropolises other than Mumbai, or NCR 20,000 for Mumbai/Thane.
  • 15,000 for self-employed people
  • The applicant’s bank account should get a straight credit for the income. Candidates who receive their pay in cash are ineligible.


Money View’s rapid short-term loans include a lot of features and advantages for the customers. The same’s specifics are listed below.

  • Amount of Loan

The loans offered through Money View’s immediate short-term loans range in price from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. Customers can select the loan amount based on their needs.

  • Tenure

Money View provides flexibility in loan repayment. Customers have a repayment window of three months to a maximum of sixty months, or five years.

  • Inflation Rate

According to market standards, Money View’s interest rate is quite competitive and acceptable. Depending on the loan amount, credit score, and loan term, the interest rate for Money View Instant Short Term Loans ranges from 1.33% per month to 2.5% per month.

  • Quick Payment

As soon as Money View receives an application and confirms the paperwork, the loans are disbursed immediately. If the documentation presented are in order and the application is complete, applicants might have the loan disbursed within 24 hours of submitting their application. This enables the candidates to receive immediate cash support for their individual needs.

  • Quick Eligibility Verification

To expedite the loan application process, Money View provides applicants with immediate eligibility checks. Customers can check their eligibility by going to the Money View website and selecting the link provided on the homepage.

  • Low credit rating

Most banks and financial organisations only issue loans to applicants with good credit scores. On the other hand, Money View provides quick short-term loans for credit ratings as low as 600. Additionally, Money View extends credit to clients with credit ratings between 1 and 299 who are new clients or clients unfamiliar with credit scores.

  • Digital Method

Money View’s complete financing process is conducted digitally. Instant short-term loans from Money View are processed entirely online, from eligibility verification to loan application and disbursement. This guarantees that the procedure is swift and hassle-free and offers the consumers the greatest convenience.

  • What is the interest rate for a past-due instalment?

On past due payments, Money View assesses a 2% interest fee.

  • What is the length of the loans Money View offers?

Instant short-term loans are available from Money View for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 5 years (60 months)

  • What is the shortest time period that a Money View loan can be foreclosed upon?

Only after making a minimum of three EMI payments can the customer foreclose on a Money View loan.

  • How can customers get in touch with Money View?

Money View’s customer service number is 080 4569 2002, and customers can call it with any questions or concerns.

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