Flumrork.com : Scam or Spam? Honest Review.

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Flumrork.com Honest review! Flumrork.com recently opened website selling animal toys at affordable prices. But Is it worth it to buy from a new website? Here is the complete detail, that will help you to know more about the website and also guide whether buy or not from Flumrork.com.

What is Flumrork.com selling?

Flumrork.com is selling mainly dog and cats toys like Small Bells Footprint Ring Trainer, Funny Dog Toys Creative Hamburger Pet Toy Puppy Pet Play Chew Toy Dog Squeaky, Dog Football, Toys  Pet Dog Toys,  Bite-resistant Pet Dog Chew, etc.

Flumrork.com : Scam or Spam? Honest Review.

Main elements of Flumrork.com:

  • Domain age- The domain age of Flumrork.com is 4 months old registered on 2022-08-31 and expires on 2023-08-30.
  • Company name:Meledo Company Limited 372 Southampton Row,Great London, WC1B SHJ,United Kingdom Company Number: 11736866, which is also used by other scam websites.
  • Website Connection: The website connection is secure with an HTTPS connection.
  • Return policy- The return address is not the same as the shipping address.
  • About us, page- Copied about us page, most fake websites use copied content.
  • SSL certificate: Flumrork.com has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Contact Number: The contact number is TEL:442086385417 which is also used by other scam websites.
  • Email id- The email id is given as service@planetmainor.com which looks fake.
  • Social media accounts: Available but not openable without login.
  • Trust score: Flumrork.com’s trust score is given as 1%.
  • Shopper’s review: Ratings and customer reviews are absent.
  • Product prices – Every product is available at a good discount.
  • Product Quantity: Unlimited product quantity of each product, as maintaining much stock is quite difficult for a new website.
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping duration is between 7–15 business days.


Flumrork.com located at https://flumrork.com/ is a scam website. There are many suspicious elements like the short duration of the website, copied content, and also trust score of the website is extremely low. So, we advise our readers to avoid Flumrork.com and go for other trusted websites.

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