Zalora Shopping Website Philippines: How does Zalora Philippines Works?

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Zalora Philippines, the one-stop shop for all things fashionable in the nation, offers online shoppers access to worldwide trends from the most popular Filipino businesses as well as international designers.

Genuineness of Zalora Philippines Zalora Philippines offers a fantastic staff of local customer care advisors to help you with all of your questions since they really believe that online shopping for clothing should be simple, enjoyable, and convenient. Customers are returning to the user-friendly and individualised arrangement of an online shopping website that is clear and straightforward.

Zolora philippines shopping website review

Zalora’s legitimacy:

  • You might start wondering whether Nike is authentic in Zalora, whether VMI brands are legitimate there, and so forth. Is Adidas genuine on Zalora? Or perhaps most importantly, does Zalora sell genuine goods?
  • Okay, the dialogue begins now. First off, why is Zalora so inexpensive? Zalora strives to ensure that all products sold on our platform are genuine and supplied directly from trustworthy suppliers by operating a zero tolerance policy towards the buying and selling of counterfeit goods.
  • Is Zalora authentic or a fraud? Zalora is a legitimate online retailer that upholds a very high quality and procedure to ensure that all brands, including local and worldwide brands from Zalora shoes, apparel, accessories, and beauty goods, are 100 percent authentic.
  • In order to prevent fake goods from being displayed on our platforms, they implement a strict supplier selection process. Customers who shop at Zalora won’t find any fraudulent goods there. Additionally, make sure that all items marked “sold by Zalora” or “sold by Seller” have the necessary approvals to be sold in the nations where you intend to conduct business.
  • In order to handle the diversity and volume of goods sold on our platforms, our supply chain is extensive. Despite its breadth, Zalora works to provide transparency, especially for “sold,” over our sourcing procedures.

Should I Promote My Products on Zalora  Online?

  • Does Zalora offer authentic products? If you have a Zalora account, you should know that it’s a terrific moment for Southeast Asian market vendors. More than 4 million users have downloaded their shopping app.
  • Are Zalora products genuine, including their shoes? The top online fashion retailer in Asia is called Zalora, and seven South-East Asian nations sell its goods. They follow a straightforward philosophy by providing their customers with amazing new fashion styles, trends, and advice in a fun and simple shopping environment.
  • Zalora marketplace has a wide range of brands on their website, and they have both male and female products available. Additionally, they follow fashion trends and provide personal styling advice and services to those who are eager to develop their sense of style.
  • Are all of the products on Zalora real? With 38% of mobile internet shoppers, the brand recorded the largest number of mobile engagements in 2018. In just 6 years after its founding, it attracted more than 2.6 million customers. More than 200 million people visit its website each month.
  • Customers of Zalora can purchase from thousands of products throughout men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories on the website, which features a comprehensive range of over 500 top worldwide and local brands and designers.
  • They provide quick deliveries (within 1-3 working days), free delivery over a certain amount, multiple payment options, including cash on delivery, and free returns for thirty days.

What Advantages Do Online Sales Have at Zalora Philippines?

Zalora Philippines provides a very wide choice of fashion findings from various international and local brands made available to Filipino online consumers from over 500 brands and 25,000 products at your fingertips. In addition, they offer incredible features and services to make your Zalora buying experience memorable.

  • On delivery of cash

Pay at your front door. You only pay with Cash on Delivery (COD), which is a secure and risk-free payment option, once you have received your products. Additionally, by using that payment option, your order can be handled more quickly.

  • 30 Day Free Return Period

Hassle-free exchanges and refunds. Shoes and apparel come in a variety of sizes, so if you acquire an item and it doesn’t fit you well, you can return it to Zalora within 30 days of receiving it.

  • Affordable shipping costs are offered.

Low shipping costs. Shipping is inexpensive and simple! Once you place an order for the item from a third party seller that totals more than 1495.00, you will automatically receive free delivery. Orders under 1495.00 will be charged a delivery fee of 99.00 (for cosmetics and other essentials) or 149.00 (for other items).

You can take advantage of a free delivery along with a coupon code, an automatic discount, or store credit in your wallet.

  • Genuine Original Brands

Guaranteed to be real. You can find the greatest international brands as well as the most pertinent Filipino products by sorting products by names that begin with A-Z, or 0-9. They guarantee the legitimacy of the things they are selling to online customers.

Guidelines for Increasing Sales on Zalora Philippines

Here are some suggestions for increasing your sales on Zalora Philippines:

  • Select Your Payment Method Wisely

Although Cash on Delivery is always an option, other payment options provide you greater convenience and benefits. When using a prepaid method, you won’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand and being available when your order is delivered, plus your card probably offers points programmes, cash back, and other perks.

  • Find Out What Your Favorite Celebrities and Influencers Are Wearing by Using the Visual Search Feature

Have you ever wanted a dress or a pair of shoes after seeing them on Instagram? Get your ZALORA app open, take a screenshot, and then tap the tiny camera icon in the search box. If not the exact item, it will display alternatives so you can copy the style.

  • Use the Size Recommendation Tool to stop second-guessing sizes.

Let’s face it: one of the major problems with online buying is sizing. Even if you are familiar with your preferred brand’s size, it might not apply to other brands.

On the website, it is accessible under the “Select Size” option for particular products.

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