Review : Fake or legit site?

by admin is a online shopping website selling Beauty and Health products like anti wrinkle cream, vitality firming , slimming massage pad, thread lifting set, acne clearing spray etc. This website mainly deals in women beauty and health products. If you are also thinking of doing shopping from you should definitely check the trustworthiness of the site. So take a short overview of


Is there any Fabricated element in the site?

Yes, there are some doubtful elements in the site like its Domain, shipping policy, contact information and Reviews. :Review Fake or legit site?


The domain of  is new registered on 2022-12-10 and expiring on 2023-12-10.

Shipping policy is shipping worldwide and also giving fixed rate of shipping $3.99 USD to all destinations in the world. which is again doubtful point, because shipping all over the world at a fixed rate is difficult.


There are only 18 type of products in the website and the quantity of each product is unlimited means you can buy any number of articles which is also mistrustful .


The review of every product is good with 4.9 rating which is also suspicious because site is showing excellent reviews on every product by all customers that is quite hard for new shopping website to gain much customer satisfaction.

Social media

The social media accounts are given but not related to the website name.

Contact Information

There is no address given of the company in the contact information and also the contact number is unavailable.

Return Policy

 The company return policy is unclear and it does not accept return and Refunds on their any product if it is delivered.

Payment method

The company accepts four major card MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover and also PayPal and Apple Pay but does not offer cash on delivery service.

 Conclusion : is a online shopping website located at is not a reliable website. So we advise to check the credibility of the site twice or avoid shopping form here.


















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